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VESTOLIT with a new appearance


Modern and sustainable: new logo stands for the forward-looking goals of the company.

New Logo of VESTOLIT with Claim

VESTOLIT GmbH & Co. KG operates at the Chemiepark Marl for years the biggest fully integrated polyvinyl chloride production facilities in Europe with a capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year. This plastic material is characterized by resource conservation and durability and is therefore particularly suitable for the manufacture of products for the construction and automotive sectors. The company is among the market leaders in PVC for window profiles and PVC Paste for the manufacture of flooring, tarpaulin materials, wallpaper and car underbody protection.

And yet, the plastics specialist has changed steadily, has developed. In order to make it very clear to the outside world, VESTOLIT has a new face - with a fresh logo and a new corporate design. The tradition is taken in the modern age, the recognition is easy.

The previous single-color logo is now multicolored with a fresh green and different shades of blue. The fresh green stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. It symbolizes the optimization process in the main segment PVC and shows that VESTOLIT continues its modernization process started years ago consistently.

The also added color shading cyan to dark blue represent the PVC process, from its basic blocks salt and oil to the end product. The choice of colors and the overlays in the new brand image eventually point to the different segments in the range of products of VESTOLIT.
The name VESTOLIT is enrolled in the text still in capital letters, however, in the logo they have given way to a modern, more readable font. In this case, however, the V (together with its two triangles) remains the key and is in line with the brand image.

In addition comes the distinctive linguistic claim: "The right choice". VESTOLIT GmbH & Co. KG has also made the right choice like their customers, suppliers and employees: In every respect as a partner and a specialist on the subject of PVC and Chlor-Alkali.

Orbia White Logo

Vestolit is part of Orbia, a community of companies working together to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges.
We are bound by a common purpose: To Advance Life Around the World.