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VESTOLIT GmbH - Force Majeure declaration 2018


Force Majeure declaration – supply of Ethylene / Caustic Soda and PVC products

Our Ethylene suppliers had already announced Force Majeure in October 2018 for the supply of Ethylene to VESTOLIT.

We already informed you about the significant constraint in our main raw material supplies and our curtailments in our production. Since then we have ensured our supply agreements for Caustic Soda and PVC products by joint adjustment of our supplies to ensure the coverage of your requirements. Unfortunately the supply situation got even worse. Contrary to the expectation, our Ethylene suppliers remain in Force Majeure, which results in a further decrease of our production.

However, the exact time is not yet known. Of course, we tried to purchase alternative raw materials, however, were unfortunately unsuccessful.

This situation leads to an unavoidable limitation of driving our production facilities, which is beyond our control and thus constitutes Force Majeure. These restrictions apply to both our chlorine production as well as the VCM and PVC production plants. For the duration of this Force Majeure, we have to restrict the supply in the caustic soda and our PVC products.

We are therefore forced to declare Force Majeure and ask for your understanding. The exact duration and thus the scope of the limited supply of raw material can currently not be foreseen. Nevertheless, we want to assure you to keep the impact as low as possible.

Of course we will keep you informed in detail about the further development.

We regret any inconvenience this way.

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