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VESTOLIT® P 1982 K - 4-millionth tonne produced in Marl

VESTOLIT GmbH celebrates a special anniversary. A short time ago the 4-millionth tonne of VESTOLIT® P 1982 K - also known under the trade name VESTOLIT® Bau - was produced in Marl.

For more than 35 years, VESTOLIT has supplied the high-impact modified graft copolymer. VESTOLIT® P 1982 K has established itself throughout Europe as the raw material for light and weather resistant window profiles and over the years it has been optimised and developed repeatedly. It is therefore ideally suited to cope with the needs of high-performance extrusion in the window profile segment.

"The consistently high quality of VESTOLIT® P 1982 K, and the mixtures made from it has proven its worth. And quality creates trust! Also in future VESTOLIT® Bau will contribute to the speciality-strategy of VESTOLIT", says Dr. Michael Träger, CEO of VESTOLIT GmbH.

In addition, VESTOLIT assists its customers with recipe development. VESTOLIT's application technology provides technical support - productionrelated development and technical equipment - with a high level of problemsolving expertise. In this way, for example, VESTOLIT is able to carry out customised recipe developments through to production-line status on their own production-scale window profile extrusion plant.

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