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Succession in the management of Vestolit GmbH


We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Oliver Kretschmann and Dr. Michael Beziel besides Nicholas P. Ballas have been appointed as additional Managing Directors of Vestolit GmbH with effect from 24th January 2022.

In addition to his global role as Head of the Specialty Resins Business Unit, Vestolit BG, Dr. Oliver Kretschmann is responsible for Commercial, Finance and Research at Vestolit GmbH and will continue to manage the business in a sure and reliable manner. Dr. Kretschmann commented: "I see the integration and planned global expansion of PVC production and business activities as a particular challenge in the coming years. It is important for us to bring our brand closer to our customers with all its values and to demonstrate what we stand for with our vision: to advance life around the world by creating solutions for a healthy and sustainable future".

Dr. Michael Beziel is the head of operations at the Marl site for all production, maintenance and HSEQ and is also responsible for Human Resources. "The safety and well-being of all the Vestolit GmbH employees and our partner companies is my top priority. I also want to further strengthen Vestolit GmbH’s position as a reliable partner in the Marl Chemical Park and drive forward the intensification of the exchange of information at production level in the Business Group and in the Orbia Group," says Dr. Beziel.

Nicholas P. Ballas, Business Group President of Vestolit, Polymer Solutions, completes the management trio. The integration of Vestolit GmbH into Orbia's global group matrix will ensure that Vestolit GmbH is appropriately represented both internally and externally, therefore consolidating the Marl site.

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