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Chemie³ - The Sustainability Initiative of the German Chemical Industry


Launch of the sustainability initiative Chemie³

Frankfurt, 29 May 2013. A new alliance in the chemical industry is driving forward the principle of sustainability: with the Chemie³ initiative of the business association VCI, the trade union IG BCE and the employers’ association BAVC an entire sector is working together to establish sustainability as a guiding concept. For the first time, a sector is joining forces in this way: Sustainability is understood as a commitment to present and future generations – and as a strategy which links economic success with social and ecological responsibility.

The core of the initiative Chemie³ is formed by 12 guidelines for sustainability in the chemical industry in Germany. By creating a sector-specific framework, they provide orientation for companies and their staff in their concrete actions – ranging, for example, from investment decisions and energy issues to social partnership.

Wishing to highlight the contributions from chemistry to a sustainable development in all three dimensions of sustainability, the alliance partners have published the first joint sector report. This report informs about goals, achievements and the solutions of the chemical sector to meet national and global challenges. Many examples and a set of data and facts illustrate these contributions from chemistry to a sustainable development.

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