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Environmental Statement

With the largest fully integrated PVC site in Europe, Vestolit has always been committed to the principle of sustainable development. Our corporate policy is based on the equal importance of ecological, economic and social goals. 

To achieve these goals, we are committed to production-integrated, resource-conserving environmental protection, among other things. Our performance in this area is regularly checked by independent experts. Since 1996, Vestolit GmbH (Marl, Germany) has successfully undergone environmental audits in accordance with the EG Eco-Audit Regulation (EMAS). At the same time, we are having our company certified in accordance with the globally applicable environmental standard DIN ISO 14001. We are also facing up to the ongoing political discussions on chlorine chemistry in general and on our product PVC in particular. Many studies by independent institutes underpin our conviction that PVC has both economic and ecological advantages in its diverse applications compared with other materials. This results in benefits for society as a whole. In order to further improve sustainability, we have made extensive voluntary commitments through our European industry associations. The goals and measures contained in these commitments cover every stage of the life cycle of PVC products: from production to the efficient use of resources and up to recycling. Annual progress reports are produced by Euro Chlor and VinylPlus.

With the 23rd updated Environmental Statement 2019 according to EMAS, we present the environmentally relevant advancement of our company (the report is only available in German language). We invite all interested parties to participate in a dialogue and hope that our activities have contributed to further building of trust. 

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