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Customer service from start to finish.

Our customers come from many sectors. They include, for example, manufacturers of window profiles, plastic film or floor coverings. We have two priorities: to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, and to do so in a socially responsible manner. We meet these priorities by offering high-quality products and services on the one hand and by meeting our environmental obligations in all product development on the other. This is what our customers expect and value.

The IQNet SR10 certificate stipulates that authentic, respectable and non-misleading adverts and campaigns should be used for advertising purposes. With respect to direct customer contact, the standard requires that all externally disseminated information and contracts should be formulated in a clear, precise and complete manner. Moreover, particular attention has to be paid to maintaining privacy and providing comprehensive customer service.

When it comes to supporting our customers, we attach great importance to working with them to achieve an optimum solution. For us, this means fine-tuning the formula until it satisfies the requirements of both the customer and the environment, and we carry out regular customer surveys to gauge whether we have been successful in this aim. In addition, we also offer practical training in the use of our systems, processes and solutions in order to help familiarise customers with them.

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