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Top secret? Not when it comes to laws and regulations.

Public authorities comprise the institutions with respect to which a company must uphold certain obligations and regulations, such as financial, environmental and other supervisory authorities.

As a socially responsible company, working with public authorities, organisations and initiatives in a transparent, cooperative and legally compliant manner is second nature to us. It also goes without saying that we meet our tax obligations and do not attempt to create unfair advantages for ourselves through illegal activity.

Vestolit’s plant in Marl is Europe’s largest fully integrated PVC plant. For over 70 years, we have been producing plastics for durable, high-quality products. We comply fully with the German Hazardous Materials Act (GefStoffV): for example, we are constantly working to ensure we do not exceed the legal limits. Without this commitment, our close partnership with public authorities, organisations and initiatives and our adherence to all regulations, we would not enjoy the success we do. To ensure this success continues, we are constantly updating our contracts and regulations in line with the latest legislation.

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