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Codes of conduct

The codes of conduct include the corporate principles and norms of Vestolit (Orbia) that all employees and contractors should follow. In this way we ensure that there is no conflict of interest or lack of clarity in dealing with each other, with business partners and third parties or in relation to information. The principles apply to all hierarchy levels in all departments.


Code of conduct for employees

We place great value on personal freedom and offer our employees individual responsibility.

The personal contribution to abide by this code of conduct, and to guarantee the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct in all our business activities is essential. Sustainable and profitable growth is only possible if economic success and ethical behavior are in tune with each other.

Here you find our 

Code of conduct for contractors

The employees have committed themselves to abide by the prevailing legal and corporate regulations.

We expect our contractors to comply with these regulations and that they share our principles and accept their responsibility to their employees, business partners, the public, and the environment.

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